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Furever Love

Glitter came to us in in May of 21. She definitely became a favorite among staff in her 3 month stay with us.  We were so happy when she finally found her furever home. 

Glitter 2.jpg
Glitter 1.jpg
Glitter 3.jpg

We rescued her back in August from the shelter and she is our soul dog!! We just moved from New York to Philadelphia PA for my husbands job so now she is a Philly dog and learning to love the city!! She’s been amazing with other dogs she’s met and we’ve had zero issues with her! She’s perfect and our favorite thing on this planet! She’s very spoiled! She loves walking and her stuffed toys, but absolutely hates car rides lol! We are so grateful for you guys matching her with us and will forever be thankful for the shelter saving her! 

Sweet little Suzy was adopted just 2 days after arriving at the shelter in November of 21.


This is Bug (previously known as Suzy) whom we adopted on November 19, 2021.  She is living the dream, happy and healthy and loved in her forever home! 

Harley came to us in June of 2019. He was adopted shortly after and given a new name to go along with his new life!

harley yonko.jpeg

Hi! We adopted Yonko. (he was Harley before) back in the last week of June 2019- 5 days before I gave birth as well! My husband was so stuck on him but I was ready to pop at any day since I was 39 weeks pregnant already. I remember telling him well if it’s meant to be, it will be. We submitted the application. Few days have gone by and he just gave up on the idea of getting him. But he got a call and said we were getting Yonko! He was at work when he got the call and immediately called me right after all excited.
Yonko has been nothing but a sweet and lovable pup! We just celebrated his 3rd BORKday in April!

Miss Tilly  wasn't with us long. 3 days after being surrendered she found a new best friend and a loving home. 

Tilly 3.jpg
Tilly 2.jpg
Tilly 1.jpg

Hi we adopted Tilly. She is the absolute perfect dog. She loves everyone and everything. She enjoys her days running around and playing with her siblings. This is her brother in the picture with her they have attached themselves to each other.

This sweet old man was surrendered to us back in 2015. Fortunately this senior didn't have to wait long for his new family to take him home. 


When we adopted Dirk he was already 7 yrs old. I had reservations about adopting an older dog with very young children. But we took him home. 

He was one of best dogs. It was like he has always been with us, he got along with the other dogs and cats. As well as watching the human babies. We were all very sad when he passed at the ripe age of 12. 

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