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Emergency Foster Sign up Form 

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If any, please list their age(s), breed(s), gender(s) 


If any, please list their age(s), breed(s), gender(s) 

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The Jefferson County SPCA is entering into this temporary emergency foster Agreement with me due to the spread of covid-19. The fostered animal is still under the ownership of the SPCA and will be returned once things return to normal. 

I must comply with the JCSPCA's policies concerning the animal(s) while the animal(s) are in temporary emergency foster care

I do understand that the JCSPCA doesn't always know what the animal(s) like or dislikes. So I will do slow introductions around other animals. 

  • The animal is and shall remain the sole property of the JCSPCA until the animal(s) is fully adopted out.

  • I will provide the animal with good care, including but not limited to, proper food, fresh water, shelter, exercise, grooming, training and medication when required.

  • I will comply with all instructions received from the JCSPCA and will not deviate from any instructions as to the care and maintenance of the animal(s) without consulting with a representative of the JCSPCA. 

  • I agree to comply with all NEW YORK State laws and local ordinances applicable to the animal(s)

  • I agree not to abandon, trade, give away, or sell the animal(s), nor is the animal(s) to be used or sold for commercial use or research purposes. If I no longer desire or am unable to keep the animal(s) within the terms of this agreement, the animal(s) must be returned to JCSPCA. The animal(s) is NEVER to be turned over to an animal shelter or passed to another owner.

  • I agree to keep the animal(s) under my control and NOT let the animal(s) roam freely outside of the home or fenced yard (in the case of a dog). Keeping the animal(s) on a chain, rope, dog-run or similar device is not permitted.

  • The Jefferson County SPCA will provide you with all of the necessary supplies for the duration of the animal’s stay with you. The Jefferson County SPCA is not fiscally responsible for any supplies purchased while fostering this animal(s), we will not reimburse you for anything purchased without our consent.

  • I will provide a safe, loving home environment and will socialize the animal(s) to humans and other animals -- if that animal(s) gets along with other animals. Dogs are not to be excessively crated (not more than a total of 6 hours in a 24 hour period). Cats do not require crating whatsoever unless they have a medical circumstance which garners such a situation, such as a broken leg, or anything which the vet determines would require being on crate rest

  • I will provide basic training or reinforcement of proper house manners and obedience skills. This training and reinforcement will be done only by positive reinforcement. At no time will the foster to adopt home use punishment as a training tool.

  • I agree to properly supervise the animal(s) at all times, when fostering a dog, you must be physically present while the dog is taken outside to go to the bathroom, and the dog must be in a fenced yard

  • If the adopter takes the foster pet(s) to an unapproved vet visit for any reason, the adopter agrees to be responsible for all medical bills incurred as a result of said unapproved vet visit except in cases of emergency when the animal’s life may be in danger. The JCSPCA will help provide medical care at the main shelter facility if anything major happens.

  • JCSPCA will make arrangements for spay/neuter surgery (if the animal’s unaltered) and I agree that I will take this animal(s) to the spay/neuter appointment made by a representative at the Jefferson County SPCA. There are absolutely no exceptions to the requirement, all animals must be fixed and vaccinated before getting adopted out.

  • This agreement is not transferable.  If I am unable to care for the animal(s) I will immediately contact the JCSPCA and return the animal(s) to the Jefferson County SPCA.

  • I understand that other animals in my household could be exposed to medical or behavioral conditions that have not been recognized in the foster animal(s) placed with me by JCSPCA, and that the JCSPCA is not liable for any disease or injury of my own companion animals or other exposed animal.

  • I agree not to attempt to hold the JCSPCA responsible for any damages which the animal(s) may do to any person or property. I specifically release JCSPCA of any responsibility pertaining to any damage to property or personal injury or any occurrence relating to the animal(s) and shall hold JCSPCA harmless regarding any damage or injury(ies) of any nature whatsoever, and agree to notify JCSPCA immediately of any damages and/or injury(ies).

I recognize this is an Agreement and have signed this Agreement freely and voluntarily