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How to make an "In Memory" Donation

Cash or Check Donations
1. Please make checks and cash donations to "The Jefferson County SPCA"
2. Please mail checks to: 25056 Water Street, Watertown, NY 13601
3. Please include the name of the family to place the donation in memory of, and include an address for the family so that we may inform them of your donation
4. To specifically allocate a donation, you must indicate a specific program, or it will be assumed that the donation is unallocated, and will be used towards general operating costs.

For Credit Card Donations
Please use our PayPal donate button for CC: 
Please include in the notes of the PayPal transaction the details of the donation: who it is in memory of, your address, and the family's address that should be made aware of the donation
If you would like to ensure that the donation details are accurately received, please email: 

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